All About Window Treatments

A window shutter is a stable and solid covering of a window that consists mainly of a vertical frame stiles and some contain horizontal rails. In between the frames can be louvers, fabric, glass or solid panels. You can also add anything else that can be mounted on or within the desired frame. This windows shutters can be used for a variety of reasons. They may include: controlling the amount of sunlight entering the house.

This window shutter is a collective word that is used to describe both the interior shutters and the exterior shutters too. The interior shutters are used on the inside of the structure and the exterior shutter are used outside it. In some buildings they mays use shutters to cover both the doors and the windows.

Interior Shutter Treatments

Interior shutters are hinged on both sided of the opening be it door or window. They open or swing inwards to create access for light to enter a specific room. There are special type of interior shutters that have louvers they are called operable louvred shutters. This are rotated or opened to control the intensity of light, airflow and visibility too. They are different names that are used to describe this kind of shutters: traditional shutters or plantation shutters.

There are some interior shutters that do not rotate at all, they may be called fixed louvres. They also have panels that are solid hence cannot be rotated at all and some have tinted glass. There are different designs that are used to constructs this shutters. There are shutters that have one tier from bottom to top of a window and there are those that have multiple tiers. This multiple tiers have separate shutters on each independent tier.

There are some shutters that are called café type shutters. This are shutters that only cover the lower space of a window. There are also the full height shutters that have a horizontal divider rail that is used to separate the lower portion from the upper one. It has operable louvred shutters that offer the freedom as the louvres above the rail can be operated independently.

A tilt rod or bar is the instrument that is used to control the louvre positions. This bar is also used to keep them in a uniform position. There are different types of woods that can be used to construct this interior window shutters. The wood can either be painted or stained. They are other designers who add synthetic materials. Woods that can assure tolerance are most preferred to make this kind of shutters.


This kind of shutters were originally constructed of privacy, light control and the simple reason of protection. Functional shutters are hinged to the both side of the window or attached to rails that are located on the top of the window. This track rail are the situated on the face of the house. This operable and fixed louvers can be used to shed off rain, control direct sunlight and also allow air in. they are also used to provided privacy and protection from flying debris.

The operable louvred shutters are most desired as they offer more freedom of control. It offers easy control of light and ventilation. Shutters that have solid panels are used for protection against harsh weather. Shutters that are non-functional, are only used to increase the beauty of a house. Most of the functional shutters have been made from solid woods that can endure outside conditions.

Finishing wood shutters are the best to use if you are after an extended lifespan. Composite shutters are also preferred because there have a greater resistance to splitting, rotting and twisting. It is worth noting that not all of the composite shutters are constructed the same. Shutters that are made of PVC is hinged more than twice. They are then painted with vinyl safe to prevent bowing when exposed to the sun.

The hardwoods that are used to make exterior shutters have grains that uses any moisture content in them. This makes the wood resistant to decay and rotting too. Hence more durable and economical to use than the softwoods like pine. The hardwoods have the tannin effect hence cannot be attacked by insects. Nonfunctional shutters can be made from wood, vinyl or any other relevant synthetic material. They simply attached to the building.

There have been a recent use of fiberglass to make composite shutters. This is because the fiberglass is resistant from twisting or rotting. The design of fiberglass has dimensional strength hence stable. It is desired because it also have a low contraction and expansion rate. This glass is reinforced unlike the usual glass and PVC shutters.

There is a special kind of shutters that is called the hurricane shutter. These are shutters that are used to protect the windows from the damage that can be caused by tough winds.

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